About Cat

Cat Bachman is an American painter living on the East End of Long Island, NY

Famous for its celebrities, iconic mansions, quaint villages, and endless dune beaches, the East End, commonly known as the Hamptons, is where Cat's whimsical characters reside. It is in her studio that they exit her imagination and pour onto the canvas. With the stroke of a brush, they come joyfully alive. Like the people who live and vacation in the Hamptons, Cat's fish celebrate the magic of the seaside. They surf, they sail, they play, they party.  

Cat has been drawing and painting since she was a toddler. She knew the name of every crayon in the jumbo Crayola box and would make new colors by melting them together on the radiator of her family's NYC apartment. (Until she got caught). In kindergarten, even milk and cookies couldn't pull her away from the tall, sunlit easel by the window. It had captivated her heart.   

A master of color, with no formal training, Cat regards her painting as a blissful calling.                                    


contact: info@catbachman.com
Fish Tale Studio, 26 Hill St #109, Southampton NY 11968